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  • Custom Furniture
  • Custom Closets
  • Owner Representation--residential or commerical
  • Construction Project Management--residential or commercial

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Working with TJ was actually very pleasant. She did absolutely nothing without letting me know what she was doing. She showed the design to make sure it would meet my needs, allowed me to select the quality of material that would be used. The quality and caliber of work, priceless. The cost was what I expected and of course I liked the prices, I’ve used her expertise four times.
— Marjorie W.
TJ is a joy to work with. I had a crazy vision for bookshelves that had the appearance of built-in but weren’t. I wanted flexibility as I was renting a home at the time. She totally executed my vision with efficiency of time and cost! When I purchased a new home, TJ helped me move the bookshelves and assemble them in a completely new way … yes, another crazy vision of mine was executed brilliantly by TJ. If you need a custom build, she is your woman!!!
— Lisa M.
TJ was very patient in the design process. I had an “idea” of what I wanted, but Pinterest kept giving me new ideas. TJ was able to help gather all my thoughts into a coherent piece for my bedroom closet design. The ideal closet I wanted was not in budget. However, TJ was able to identify the components of the closet that I really wanted and crafted something that met me at a comfortable price point. The final product is absolutely amazing. I receive compliments on my custom closet ALL THE TIME! TJ is very kind and patient. She let me call and email her with ideas all of the time. She has amazing customer service and delivers a quality product.
— Kayla B.


My Commitment

When I leave a project behind, it represents me. Forever. I will partner with you to understand your vision and bring it to life. My work isn't done until you are satisfied.



About Me


When I saw the Little Rascals episode with the go kart derby, I had to have a go kart. I was 7 years old. I went in my dad's tool closet and got the Craftsman drill and set to building a go kart in the living room of our 2-bedroom apartment in Jackson, MS.

It didn't work out well. I was very seriously punished for putting myself at risk.

But now I'm a grownup. I've got an entire workshop, can buy all the tools I want, and build whatever I like.